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What is Bitcoin, and how to make it anonymous?

Nowadays, cryptocurrency networks are immutable, meaning that data, once recorded, cannot be reversed in any way. Check the most reliable way to make bitcoin anonymous in the article below.

How to accumulate Bitcoins?

Many people who accumulate bitcoins don’t need to “do” anything with them other than continue to hold them as long-term investments or savings. The price of Bitcoin has been very volatile relative to fiat currency, but it has tended to rise over the years. Some users also describe Bitcoin as a digital savings tool, comparing it to a digital version of gold.

When you want to accumulate bitcoins, you should pay attention to the traffic of the site. Its value directly depends on the number of visitors who went to the resource based on a search query. It is important to evaluate the dynamics of conversion, because the purchased traffic will drop a few days after the purchase of the site. It would be good to evaluate the sources of such transitions, but here, the niche of the site, its subject, and its type play an important role.

Bitcoin mixers – how do they work?

A Bitcoin mixer for cryptocurrency transactions is often a site that is willing to accept your crypto and mix it with other users’ coins. This is usually done according to a simple and understandable algorithm: bitcoins or any altcoins are divided into small pieces, and then they are mixed with the cryptocurrency of other users of this service.

The most attractive crypto mixer works in three stages: Commitment, Shuffling, and Transaction. All users have a specific agreed-upon number of bitcoins at their input address.  It turns out to be a mixture of parts of transactions of many users.

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